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Items Hidden due to Community Moderation

We aim to be friendly as much as possible. We have to be reader friendly.

If an item listed on this site gets a negative balance of votes that exceeds a certain threshold we'll hide it. You can unhide it for yourself by clicking the checkbox at the top of the screen "Show All Items". This will remove the filtering.

Items Hidden due to Admin Moderation

Advertisers want to be associated with sites that a fun and interesting, not sites that are hurtful or over the top profane.

As a rule we prefer to let the community handle these issues by simply downvoting the bad items until they disappear. There is often a VERY FINE LINE between funny and "just wrong" and sometimes we have to make a call, but the community does a pretty good job of taking care of itself - so we prefer to let it.

If something is blatantly hateful and brings no value to the rest of the community when an Admin level moderator spots it, they'll be authorized to purge it, but they are not required to do so.

If we view something that looks to merely hurt our earnings (excessive curse words, "funny" items that can be misinterpreted and taken as hateful, etc) we may set it to auto hide in order to protect our advertiser relationships and minimize our chances of being financially harmed. These items you will still be able to pull up using the settings options.