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Scavenger Hunt Team Names Ideas - Great for Scavenger Dash

You just found a cache of scavenger hunt team names ideas! Scavenger hunts are great for every type of event from kids birthday parties to corporate team building and in every case having a creative, funny team name only adds to enjoyment for everyone involved. When you're coming up with a name for a scavenger hunt team the most common goals are to motivate yourself with your chosen name or to embarrass the pants off of your opponents when they lose to you. For younger children it's generally practiced that everyone just has a cool team name that they all like in general, but for older participants many spend more time and energy coming up with a creative or clever name than actually hunting for their target items. Whatever camp your scavenger hunting team lives in we've got the goods to help you out. These names are great for every type of hunt and all are well suited Scavenger Dash team names. Enjoy!

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