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Funny Basketball Team Names

I played a lot of basketball in my youth and I still try to get a game now and then. One of my favorite things to do was to play in 3-on-3 basketball tournaments and part of the reason was the team names. Knowing that you were up a gainst the "Goobers" was enough to make you really want to win. Knowing that you lost to the "Goobers", well, that was kick a kick in the balls. I remember one time watching some of the girls games and one of the team names was something like the "ball loving beavers". I don't even think I got it at first, but when I did it was awesome. Whether you're playing regular 5-on-5 full court, half court 3-on-3, intramural, beer league, whatever... find you a funny basketball team names and use it!

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