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Funny Team Names

Funny team names ad fun to just about any league or competition. Everyone appreciates creative funny team names as opposed to names that are something lame. A good name adds a bit of humor all year long (or however long the event lasts) and sometimes people even laugh about it for years to come. For all those reasons a team name is worth doing right. FunnyTeamNames.com is the place to find the best ideas and the most creative team names for all kinds of sports and events.

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If you're looking for funny fantasy team names we can help. We've got fantasy football team names, fantasy baseball team names, and we even cover some of the much more obscure sports as well. If you're looking for a funny real life team name we've got those too. Bowling team names, slow pitch softball team names, volleyball team names, you name it! We've even got "non sports" team names like team building team names, walking team names, trivia team names, and beer-league team names.

A lot of the reason this site is so great is our readers! They provide tons of creative team names as well as ideas for new categories of team names. If there's a genre / list of funny team names you'd like to see and we don't have it, then tell us and we'll add it, get it started, and then make it available for everyone to expand on it. It's really that easy! You can help too. If you've got a good idea for a funny team name then go ahead and submit it! This is all about fun, and the more ideas we can share the more fun it will be!

All Categories of funny team names

Alcohol / Beer Inspired
A lot of funny team names are centered around alcohol and beer. It makes for a lot of fun puns and plays on words so have a good time with it. But be responsible...
Co Ed
Team names in this category are suitable for co ed teams.
Cool Team Names
Our list of cool team names includes team names for all kinds of sports and competitions. Having a cool team name will boost your team's confidence and it'll get you noticed. Having a lame team name will get you noticed too, but not for the right reasons. The best way to send a message about your teams personality is through your team name and having a funny, cool team name is the way to go! We hope you enjoy the list and, as always, please feel free to add your own ideas for cool team names!
Dirty Team Names (we're not talking mud run 'dirty' here)
For Girls
One of the best things about sports is the pride that you can take in your team. And for girls, sometimes announcing that our team is made up of strong and determined females is desirable. Ideally we can make that statement with some panache, some sass, and some laugh out loud humor. If you're looking for an awesome team name for your team of girls then this category will give you some ideas. The team names that are in this category have been specifically called out as being suitable for girls teams and there's no doubt that the mix you'll find here is the best out there!
Funny Team Names
Most names on this site should fall into this category. After all, the site is funny team names, eh?
Movie Inspired and TV Inspired
Funny team names inspired by movies and tv shows / commercials
Music Inspired (Songs, Bands, etc)
These team names are based on music / song. They might be an a part of the lyrics or maybe just a pun on a song title that fits well. "Too legit to Britt" is an example of a fantasy football team name that would be a pun on the song "too legit to quit". It's all a pun on the player name "Kenney Britt".
Pun based Team Names
Puns on a player's name or on a team's name are one of the most common ingredients in the recipe for funny team names. Here you'll find tons of puns.
Team Names for Work
Team names that are put into this category should be safe for work. Of course, since users add names to this site all the time we can't guarantee it, but that's the idea.
Baseball Team Names
Baseball is such a classical sport that a funny team name is a must have. Your name should either make the other team laugh out loud when they see it or strike (forgive the pun - but learn from it) fear into them. Something like "Pitcher Hitters" has a nice ring to it and while it only a little funny it is a lot menacing. Baseball as a sport just gives you so many things to use cunningly in creating your team name, from equipment to terminology. Let's see what you can come up with!
Basketball Team Names
I played a lot of basketball in my youth and I still try to get a game now and then. One of my favorite things to do was to play in 3-on-3 basketball tournaments and part of the reason was the team names. Knowing that you were up a gainst the "Goobers" was enough to make you really want to win. Knowing that you lost to the "Goobers", well, that was kick a kick in the balls. I remember one time watching some of the girls games and one of the team names was something like the "ball loving beavers". I don't even think I got it at first, but when I did it was awesome. Whether you're playing regular 5-on-5 full court, half court 3-on-3, intramural, beer league, whatever... find you a funny basketball team names and use it!
Beach Volleyball Team Names
Are you involved in a sport played in sand? Do two teams attempt to hit an inflated (hopefully) ball over a high net using their hands, feet, legs, whatever? Was your sport prominently displayed in the 1980s movie TopGun? If so, you're probably playing beach volleyball! You should get you a funny team name to go along with those ultra hot uniforms!
Bowling Team Names
A funny bowling team name is pretty much a must for any team in a bowling league. Sure, you can be "The Smith's" if you're team is all from one family. But even then you should do something to try to liven that bowling team name up a bit. You could choose "Mr and Mrs Smith" or maybe the "The Agent Smiths" or be "The SmithandSonsian Institute" or something other than just your surname! Your bowling league mates will appreciate the creative, funny bowling team names that you all choose and you'll be pleasantly surprised how often you'll probably get a kick out of your own cleverness as the bowling season moves forward.
Cricket Team Names
If you're looking for cricket team names then this is the place for you! This list of team names for cricket is the definitive source of funny cricket related names and is great for fantasy cricket and for league play. As is the case with other team name categories we've tagged these items according to weather they are based on cricket player names, puns about cricket, or just loosely related to cricket and worthy of a mention.
Cycling Team Names
Cycling is a sport that is growing in popularity and is a great way to stay in shape. But don't let it fool you. It's a very competitive sport and full of people who want a lot more out of it than a healthy heart. I've heard some awesomely funny cycling team names and I hope you're able to find one to fit your cycling team here.
Disc Golf Team Names
Disc golf is one of those sports that people either love it or don't care about at all. But one thing that can be appreciated by anyone, whether you love the actual game itself or not, is the creative disc golf team names and league names you hear. We've created this list of funny disc golf names to give you some ideas for your team and leagues. No reason to have a boring name so get after it!
Dodgeball Team Names
If there is any one sport in the whole wide world that demands a funny team name from you it would be the game of dodgeball. You have to remember not only the 5 D's (dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge), but you have to get a freakin' awesome team name people! And no, you can't use Average Joes.
Golf Team Names
Funny Golf Team Names
Hockey Team Names
A funny hockey team name is appropriate when? Well, anytime you're in a hockey league basically. Having a funny team name will make up for poor skating (not really) and it will give the opponent something to laugh about after you try to take off your skate and stab someone (gotta love Happy Gilmore). No matter what, in all seriousness, you will be expected to have a funny hockey team name if you have a name at all... so be prepared.
Kickball Team Names
How awesome is kickball? Seriously. Can you think of anything that makes you remember childhood more fondly thank kickball? I didn't think so. So, give it some respect and come up with an outrageously funny kickball team name. Your inner child demands it!
Lacrosse Team Names
Lacrosse is a sport that is growing in popularity and is played by both boys and girls at multiple levels. Until the recent past lacrosse was played mostly in North America - including both Canada and the United States. There were only a few other small pockets of lacrosse communities and those were located in the United Kingdom and Australia, but that is changing as those communities are growing bigger. Also, recently, lacrosse has begun to flourish at an international level, with teams being established in Europe and the eastern portions of Asia. With equipment names like shaft, stick, and balls there's plenty of opportunity for some great names! We hope you enjoy this section and as always, feel free to submit your own lacrosse team name ideas as well.
Rodeo Team Names
Rodeo events vary from wrestling steer to pole bending and so do the possibilities of rodeo team names. Some cowboys and cowgirls are going to want to focus on funny rodeo team names while others might like it a little more rough and dirty. Either way we've got team names for rodeo events that will let everyone know your team is there to have a good time and to win. These team names work great for inter college rodeos, ranch rodeos, and they'll also be perfect fits for fantasy rodeo team names. Don't be afraid to add your own rodeo team name as well!
Soccer Team Names
When you face off with another team in a soccer match you need every advantage you can get. A funny soccer team name will go a long way towards putting the fear of losing into your opponent. Kick 'em where it counts and put a quality team name out there.
Softball Team Names
Softball is one of those sports that you can play your whole life. It's also a game that people take very seriously even though they often pretend that they don't. Even in friendly church leagues and intramural leagues things are often extremely competitive. So, if you're in a competitive league you need a name that is both funny and is also identifies your team's personality. If you're in a league that is more about the "good times" than anything else, then a funny team name is an absolute must. In either case, we're happy to be your inspiration!
Tennis Team Names
The sport of tennis is as popular as ever and always finds a way to feature players with larger than life personalities. Fans follow the action and their favorite players from around the world from New Haven, Conn. to London. After you made the decision to enter the world of playing tennis, whether for fun or at a competitive level you should go out on the limb and give yourself a funny team name. If you have played other team sports before, you already understand the need of picking something original rather than "Steve's Hardcourt Wonders."

You can name your tennis team based on famous players: their loud moans, heated arguing, and even their fashion sense. You might choose a funny tennis team name inspired by tennis terms / lingo or equipment. Considering the game is such an international sport the possibilities are truly staggering. Your opponents will appreciate your creativity even as their losing to you!
Ultimate Frisbee Team Names
Ultimate players are a fun loving and often intense group. The very nature of the sport itself requires that participants keep the Spirit of the game in mind as they play an honest game. We've created this section of ultimate frisbee team names (or just ultimate team names) with the spirit of fun in mind. Sure, it's not the capital 's' spirit, but since you shouldn't take shortcuts to get an advantage on the field then we think you should focus on creating a team name that will get you a psychological advantage at least. These funny frisbee team names will add a little something to your team's strengths, or maybe they'll just give you something to share with your friends to get a laugh. Either way - the game of Ultimate has once again expanded its presence in the universe.
Volleyball Team Names
A funny volleyball team name is often the preferred type of volleyball team name. Volleyball if very competitive on some levels, and is also a very social game. A great team name will go a long way towards keeping it fun and spicing things up.
Water Polo Team Names
Water polo is so much fun. Make sure you have a funny water polo team name when you play. It makes it even better!
Color Run Team Names
You'll want to have a funny color run team name because a color run is all about having a great, fun time. We've started this list of color run team names and we hope they inspire you. If you've got your own ideas you're welcome to submit 'em.

From the Color Run web page:
A Color Run, also known as the Happiest 5k on the Planet, is a unique paint race that celebrates healthiness, happiness, individuality, and giving back to the community. A Color Run is a five-kilometer, un-timed race in which thousands of participants are doused from head to toe in different colors at each kilometer. The fun continues at the finish line with a gigantic “Color Festival,” using more colored powder to create happiness and lasting memories, not to mention millions of vivid color combinations. Trust us, this is the best post-5k party on the planet!
Mud Run Team Names
Mud Run Team Names
Ragnar Relay Team Names
All other races seem pedestrian once you do a Ragnar. Many claim it's one of the hardest, but also one of the funnest races / runs. Ragnar Relay's are composed of 12 man teams typically running a little over 200 miles with little sleep and a total disregard for the weather or sanity. Maybe you run at night, run the longest legs, or maybe you drive the van for your team. No matter what your role every member is important. It's also important in Ragnar relays to have an awesome team name that reflects your group's personality. And that's where we come in. We've got hundreds of suggestions of Ragnar names and we know you'll find what you're looking for somewhere in this list.
Running / Racing
Running Team Names and Racing Team Names
Scavenger Hunt Team Names Ideas
You just found a cache of scavenger hunt team names ideas! Scavenger hunts are great for every type of event from kids birthday parties to corporate team building and in every case having a creative, funny team name only adds to enjoyment for everyone involved. When you're coming up with a name for a scavenger hunt team the most common goals are to motivate yourself with your chosen name or to embarrass the pants off of your opponents when they lose to you. For younger children it's generally practiced that everyone just has a cool team name that they all like in general, but for older participants many spend more time and energy coming up with a creative or clever name than actually hunting for their target items. Whatever camp your scavenger hunting team lives in we've got the goods to help you out. These names are great for every type of hunt and all are well suited Scavenger Dash team names. Enjoy!
Walking Team Names
Walking teams are often involved in charitable events. For example, these teams are commonly involved in things like "Walk for the Cure" where the thing being cured is either a cancer or a disease - cancers, diabetes, Alzheimer's, and more.

It's probably best to stay away from vulgar team names for this category and just stick to things that are a little more light hearted.
Weight loss Team Names
Whenever you get involved in a weight loss challenge you often do so with a team. Having other people are you to help cheer you on can be motivational. Knowing that your team members are depending on you to do well will also help you to stay on track. With that in mind lets look at some weight loss team names and see if we can find you the perfect one or just give you some ideas for naming your weight loss team.
Beer Pong Team Names
We've got funny beer pong team names that should keep your opponents running in a fear!
Drinking Team Names
If you're involved in drinking competitions and your team needs a funny team name then you've stumbled into the right category. You are to be congratulated. :) Get you a funny drinking team name here!
Trivia Team Names
For now, trivia is one big category. As the collection gets larger and certain genres of trivia start to become apparent we'll break this out into smaller groups. For now, if it's a trivia team name it's funny then it goes here! Remember, you can include comments when you add a team name to describe the type of team name even further.
Breast Cancer
This category is for team names related to breast cancer fundraisers. It includes walks, runs, cycling, and anything else that is about raising money for breast cancer research and awareness in general.
March of Dimes
March of Dimes Team Names
Multiple Sclerosis
This category is for team names related to multiple sclerosis fundraisers. It includes walks, runs, cycling, and anything else that is about raising money for multiple sclerosis research and awareness in general.
Testicular Cancer
Testicular Cancer Team Names
Bracket Team Names (March Madness Bracketology)
March madness is a time where several hundred million people spend billions of hours filling out their NCAA tournament brackets! As is the case with most competitions one of the things that can really make your team really stand out (even if your bracket is terrible) is having an great team name for your bracket. We've done the hard work and made sure that all the names that are listed under this category are suitable as a bracket name so all you've got to do now is pick one of them to serve as an inspiration to help you come up with a name that fits you best!
Fantasy Baseball
Fantasy baseball is the second most popular fantasy sport. Since so many people play the game there's practically innumerable options for a great names. You can check out our list of funny fantasy baseball team names and feel free to tweak one for use in your own leagues - if you change one please do share your new one so everyone can enjoy it! Note: We'd like to thank FantasyBaseballNames.com for sharing a portion of their massive collection of funny fantasy names for baseball with us! Definitely check them out too!
Fantasy Football
Part of what makes fantasy football so awesome is that people just let loose when it comes to naming their teams. Almost everyone tries to out funny each other and it makes for an awesome time! Check out our list of funny fantasy football team names and feel free to tweak one for use in your own leagues - just share your new names with us so we can all get it on the fun!

Note: We'd like to thank Fantasy Football Team Names for sharing a portion of their massive collection with us! Definitely check them out too!